Stop Sound Where It Starts!

Need to stop sound and vibration? ecoGarde Fitness Tiles are the answer to your flooring needs. They will stop sound and vibration transference to avoid disturbance above or below your workout space.

Product Features

  • Absorbs sound
  • FloorScore
  • High slip resistance
  • Easy to install dowel system
  • Grid backing

Product Benefits

  • Reduces the transfer of sound and vibration for both in-room and room-to-room
  • Low odor offering great indoor air quality
  • Reduces the risk of slip and falls during your workout
  • Run power cords beneath the floor further reducing tripping hazards

Cosmic Series Colors


  • Imperial
  • Metric




Single Tile Size 24" x 24" 4 ft2 1 ", 1 1/2 ", 2 3/4 "




Single Tile Size 61cm x 61cm 0.37m2 25mm, 38mm, 69.85mm

Best Applications

  • Fitness/Sport
  • Ice Arena
  • Weight Room (equipment)
  • Free Weight Areas
  • Deadlift Areas
  • Low Impact Aerobic Room
  • Physiotherapy
  • Workout Area