Comfort and Style Meet!

ecoGarde Commercial Dual-Layer flooring combines comfort and style while offering relief to those standing for extended lengths of time.  By bonding a colored wear layer to a soft hybrid SRB/EVA foam backing, this allows you to select a high color at a reduced cost, with the benefits of underfoot comfort. Choose from a selection of vibrant colors to create a sophisticated space that meets any budget.

Product Features

  • Manufactured with sustainably harvested cork
  • Beautiful colour palette combining large color chips with cork
  • Insulation qualities
  • Great traction
  • Flooring that’s built to last

Product Benefits:

  • Provides all the attributes of cork while contributing to LEED
  • Creates a uniquely distinct look not found anywhere else in the market
  • Increases the R-value of the floor
  • Minimizes the risk associated with slip and falls
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership